My first blog post! Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say! On my blog I will be sharing design tips that I have learned throughout the years, round ups of my favorite decor, paints, furniture items... and to be honest, I guess whatever I feel like writing! This will be an adjustment for me but I am excited to become friends with you and stay connected. I hope I can provide some kind of inspiration through my blog and my designs and I hope you will enjoy! 

A bit about me.. I am married to the most wonderful person ever. I crush on him every day. His name is Brady and here is a picture of our faces from our engagements. 



A mutual friend set us up! 


We met though a mutual friend who saw that Brady had an Anthropologie volcano candle in his house and said - I have the perfect girl for you!! (Even though, like who doesn't love the volcano sent!? Its pretty common that everyone loves it! However I am soo happy she thought of me!) So he checked my Insta, decided "yes, I'll totally meet her!" so she set up a date for us to meet. It was on a Saturday. I was home alone, not really doing anything.. thought I would kill some time at the mall. I'm walking around in just whatever work out clothes. I hadn't really seen a clear picture of Brady's face at this point but heres what happened. I was browsing through anthropologie (with a replacement volcano candle IN HAND) and this guy sees me from a distance and stops in his tracks. It was such a weird moment!! I remember thinking to myself, ok that guy is pretty hot. Oh well. Kinda got some weird vibes like something was going on. I hurried and checked out and left. Meanwhile Brady runs over to his friends he was with and was like - guys I think I just saw Ann! His group brushed it off like, no way, it wasn't her.. you are just nervous. *Insert: He went to the mall with all his girl friends to pick out a new outfit to meet me in from Nordstrom. I die. His friends wanted to go in Anthro quickly right before they left. Night rolls around and Brady and our mutual friend, Katie come over to my apartment. I walk downstairs to let them in and all in one breath as soon as I open the door, Brady goes - Hi I'm Brady were you at Anthropologie today?!?! From there we went to sushi together and never looked back. 

We got married in 2016 in Arizona, and lived in North Salt Lake for a year until moving back to Arizona. We've loved it here in AZ and are very fortunate to travel often and become very tan in the summer heat! I am currently trying to convince Brady that we need a dog asap. That has nothing to do with anything but I just thought I would throw that in there... I'm very excited about it.  Anyway, Here is a picture from our wedding. 

Another thing you may not know about me is that I own another company called Paper Gatherings in which I do custom graphic design wedding invitations. I am totally you tube and 'figure it out' self-taught. I hope to expand to offer the option of custom calligraphy wedding suites. So I'm practicing that in my spare time! Here is a picture of one of the invites I did for a close friend of mine. 

Paper Gatherings

If you would like to follow me on Instagram, here is a bit of what you will see: A lot of pictures of food. My family says all I do is eat because all I do is post food on my Insta story. Let me add that I only post food that looks SO GOOD so how can you complain???  I'm pretty passionate about food and am always looking for new places to try. You will also see a lot of design on my Instagram, too - obviously. So to really narrow this down: Follow me for good food + good design. 

So that's it pretty much!! Please reach out, I'd love to get to know you!!!