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I offer two different types of Interior Design services. Here is a little bit about each, so you can select what you feel fits your needs the best. Or if you are't sure, fill out my contact form and lets chat!

 1. E-DESIGN  

My e-design service is great for long distance, budget friendly projects. This process is very much electronic. We start by exchanging information. You send me your measurements, photos of your space, wants & needs... then we chat it all over in further detail over the phone. From there, the design process starts! 

I will create a design board, space plan, and shopping list for your space. We review it together and make edits based on size and style. Once we are in love with the new design, you do the implementing part of it on your own. What appeals to most people about this is that it is a great option if you are wanting to implement your space over time at your own pace according to your budget. 


Full service can be done long distance or locally. Much like my e-design process, we start things out with all the basic info. We will discuss the spaces you are wanting to design, the style, and all wants and needs for the space. You have the option of sending measurements, or included in the service is myself doing all the measuring on site (Travel fees may apply). 

We will have an in person presentation and discuss any edits. After the design and all edits are complete, I will be doing all the ordering for you and keeping you up to date on delivery ETA's. From there, we set an install date where my team and I do all the unpacking, placing and perfecting and you get to come home to a beautiful, fully furnished space! 


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